Terms and conditions
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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


To make your journey as smooth as possible, it is important to inform us about the departure and/or arrival time as accurately as possible since we have to take many things in account regarding the planning of the trip. You can always discuss any changes with our office.


StarTransfer is never responsible for consequential damage due to delays during your journey. As renter you are supposed to know the house rules and we will reiterate this for you and your traveling companions.


It is not allowed to take more people than stated during the journey. There is seating available for maximum 38 persons, passengers who stand or walk during the journey do so at their own risk. StarTransfer cannot be held responsible for any accidents.


StarTransfer follows the terms and conditions of the Royal Dutch Transport Federaton which can be read here.


House rules


StarTransfer ensures the safety of its passengers and other road users. Abuse of the emergency levers of roof hatches or doors leads inevitably to cessation of the journey as we cannot ensure the safety anymore in these cases.


  1. StarTransfer has a wide variety of chilled drinks on board. These drinks are never included in the price and the consumed beverages have to be paid at the end of the journey. Taking own food and drinks on board is not allowed. It is possible to discuss specific requirements beforehand in the offer.
  2. Smoking on board StarTransfer is prohibited during the whole journey, also in the restroom. Ignoring the smoking ban can lead to removal from the bus or even cessation of the whole journey.
  3. The renter/contact person is liable in case anything is broken or smeared during the journey. This applies to both the interior and exterior. Vomiting in the bus is also included. The costs of cleaning the interior will be recovered.
  4. The renter/contact person is also liable if food or drink are deliberately thrown or squirted. The costs of cleaning the interior will be recovered.
  5. StarTransfer forbids standing on furniture as well as sticking out body parts during the journey.
  6. StarTransfer does not allow pets.
  7. StarTransfer is not liable for possible hearing and/or eye injuries. The trip is totally at own risk.
  8. StarTransfer keeps at all times the right to remove passengers from the bus in case they don’t comply with the house rules or if the behave aggressively.